Expert Teachers

We have a strong and vibrant team.Who are constantly on the run to make sure we deliver the quality that we promise.

Audio Visual aids

To make teaching as an effective process. We use Audio Visual aids which creates interests among the childernes.


The library is the backbone of a school & we have it with its books suited to the interests and aptitude of students of different age group, with its magazines, periodicals, news papers.

Computer Assisted Learning

We have well set-upped Computer lab for interactive education that helps you improve your reading, writing, and math skills.

Furnished & Digital Classrooms

We have well equipped as well as well furnished classrooms which make teaching-learning more concrete.

Specious Playground

We know the importance of playground that why we have Specious Playground in our campus that helps children develop physical strength, coordination and balance. It can also provide opportunities for children to learn and develop

    We strive towards continual development so as to enhance Academic Excellence, nurture, Scientific Attitude and develop team spirit to create environment Sensitivity in children and thus enable them to lead a meaningful life while helping the needy.
    We strive towards continual improvement of our Quality Management System to achieve this goal by upgrading various skills of teacher educators.

Education is incomplete without placing a high premium on value education and so we work upon the young minds and imbue them with the ideals of love ,truth, justice, peace, righteous conduct and service to the society. Inspire ,challenge ,prepare through a creative , fun curriculum and Extended Activities, Which Promotes Success For All..

1. Impart quality education   
2.  Ensure sound physical and intellectual growth   
3.  Development of leadership qualities   
4.  Development of personality   
5.  To mould children with a keen sense of responsibility, initiative, self reliance and integrity  
 6.  Provide a comprehensive education so as to develop in the child a sound character in order to lead them to the competitive world.
7.To create lifelong learners by providing opportunities to develop their independent research skills, critical thinking and intellectual inquiry through effective usage of technology.